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The Best Health Products For Astronout

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Tiens video, Tianshi have best product for astronout

Tiens International

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The Tianshi Group is a privately held corporation by Mr. Jinyuan Li, the Founder and President of Tianshi Health Products, Inc. Mr. Li is a leader and a visionary who continues to provide stewardship and guidance as president of The Tianshi Group, Inc. Mr. Li knew that, while "tradition" shares essential truths about nutrition, Tianshi needed a non-traditional economic model to meet the demands of doing business in a country as vast and rapidly developing as China. He recognized that the powerful word-of-mouth advertising and sales of Network Marketing ("MLM" or "multi-level" marketing) were the engine Tianshi needed to promote its product revelations throughout China and later, the world.

Tianshi was founded on August 3rd, 1995, refered to as 8.3 , in Tianjin China by Mr. Jinyuan Li. Mr. Li's ideal is to explore and perfect thousands of years of Chinese herbal knowledge, blend it with modern technology and create quality inovative products to spread health and friendship through out the world

Part Of This Company

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Tianshi Group is a large-scale global enterprise group

- Since its establishment, it has maintained a continual, stable, and rapid average annual growth rate of 170%. With its anchor business in advanced biotechnology, Tianshi is also involved in financing, real estate development, education, cultural exchanges, and modern logistics. Headquartered at the Henderson Center in Beijing, its production plants are located in the Wuqing New Technology Development Zone of Tianjin. Its total assets in China are valued at RMB 2.1 billion.
- Tianshi listed in American Stock Exchange (AMEX- http://www.amex.com)

Social Vision Of Tianshi
Tianshi is a great Wealthy Healthy Ways opportunity company. Tianshi cares. Tianshi network marketing is the lamp that shows the way to success. Tianshi provides all with two keys - One to the door of health and the other to the door of wealth.
- Forbes 2001 - Tianshi has donate among US$ 30 Juta (270 Milyar) for humanity
- Tianshi donate US$ 8 million for SAR dan Rp. 150 million for Tsunami Aceh
and anymore

Honory Doctor From UN

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Honors and Awards presented to Mr. Li Jinyuan

* Committee member of CPPCC, standing committee member of the PPCC of Wuqing District, Tianjin
* Executive committee member of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce
* Executive Director of the National Council of Chinese Entrepreneurs
* Counselor on the Economic Development of Western China at the Service Center for Experts of the Ministry of Personnel, PRC
* Honorary researcher, and senior counselor at the Institute of Microbiology, CAS
* Vice Chairman of the China Bioengineering Association
* Vice Chairman of the China Health Association
* Executive Director of the Industrial Committee of Calcium Metabolism of Women and Children, China Association for the Promotion of Prenatal and Postnatal Care
* Honorary President of the Research Center of Cultural Communication between Nationalities at the Central University for Nationalities
* Vice President of the Tianjin Foreign Economic Co-operation Association (TJFECA)
* Vice Chairman of the Tianjin Charity Federation
* Director of the Second Council of Tianjin Fund for the Elderly
* Director of the Second Council of Tianjin Association of Career Promotion for the Elderly
* Chairman of Tianshi Meijing International Charity Development Committee
* A member of Who's Who in the World's list of World-Famous Entrepreneurs (1998)
* State Council Award for Exemplary Individual and Organization Leader in the Promotion ofNational Solidarity and Advancement (Audience granted by President Jiang Zemin and other national leaders.) (1999)
* Ranked among the Top Ten Science and Technology Talents (2000)
* Russian Health Ministry Award for Outstanding Contribution to People's Health (2000)
* The United Nations Asia-Pacific International Coordinating Committee Award for Outstanding Entrepreneurs of the Asia-Pacific Region (2000)
* The Direct Marketing Association's DMEF Corporate Leadership Award (2000)
* The Committee for Promoting Russian-Chinese Friendship and Peace Award for Outstanding Contribution to Friendship, Peace and Ecological Safety (2000)
* Diploma from the Fund of Asia-Pacific International Coordinating Committee of Ecological and Human Safety, which commends Mr. Li Jinyuan's "active contribution to advocating peace and building friendship among the Asian-Pacific countries" (2001)
* As one of the leading entrepreneurs of Chinese Industry, Mr. Li Jinyuan's name was inscribed on the Great Wall of China Cultural Manifesto Wall (2001)
* "Outstanding Entrepreneurs in the Health Industry" at the Second China International Health Festival (2001)
* Elected to the Expert of the UN Steering Committee, supported by the United Nations Lawyers' Commission (2002)
* "United Nations Volunteer to Help and Enrich the Poor" (2002)
* Given the title of researcher at the State Research Base of Direct Marketing, and researcher at the State Researcher of Health Industry (2002)
* Honorary doctorate degree by the United Nations Academy of Ecology and Protection Sciences
* Elected "Excellent Chinese Entrepreneur" by the Organizing Committee of the Second China Entrepreneurs Forum (2003)
* Serving as executive director of the China Association of Entrepreneurs of Private Business of Science and Technology (2003)

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